Why won't my SoftPro 360 request send?

On occasion, your CertifID request sent via SoftPro 360 may fail. Here's why.

There a few different reasons for why you may get the below error when using CertifID in SoftPro 360:


Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 10.04.32 AM


-You've entered an international phone number for the party on the file you're sending the request to. Currently, due to security and insurance requirements, CertifID is only able to be used with customers located in the United States. Sending a request to an international number will ultimately fail, so it is blocked from sending at all.


-If there are special characters in a Contacts name, this may also cause an issue. For example, if you're sending a CertifID request to John Doe, Jr. or John Doe-Sample, the request may not be able to be sent due to the commas or dashes. You'll need to just enter the name as John Doe Jr or John Doe Sample. 



Thanks for reading, and please contact support@certifid.com with any additional questions!