What is a moderator?

Use moderators to manage special roles on your team

If you’d like to set up your team with specific users in a select administrative role with no access to other features you can do this by using the Moderator access level. When you invite a Moderator you will be able to give them access to one or many of the following permissions:

  • Bank Account Management – Ability to manage bank account details (wiring information).

  • Billing – Ability to manage monthly payments and invoicing.

  • User Management - Ability to invite and edit users (only regular users, not admins or moderators).

  • Integrations - Ability to manage integrations (ResWare, etc.).

Moderators do not have the ability to send or receive wiring information by default. This permission can be enabled as seen in the image below. If you do not select this option they will not see any requests being sent by your company.