What do the statuses mean?

There are many CertifID statuses that help you understand how your client has responded.

Here are all of the possible statuses a request can have and what they mean
  • Sent - The request has been sent to the client.
  • Started - Your client has initiated CertifID's Identity Verification process. This is when a request becomes billable.
  • Failed - CertifID is not able to verify this client. Please use your next best practice.
  • Canceled - When you cancel a request it is no longer accessible to your client and you will not be billed. You can duplicate the request, change any fields, and resend the request.
  • Rejected - Your client has rejected the account details presented in the request.
  • Expired - A request expires after 60 days if the client does not respond to the request. Expired requests are not billed and can no longer be accessed by you or the client.
  • CertifID - Your client has passed the Identity Verification and either received your wiring instructions or confirmed their own wiring instructions. This request can be trusted and relied upon!