What do the different statuses mean?

CertifID statuses represent where the client is in the CertifID process


When using CertifID, there are 6 different statuses.



Sent: The CertifID request has been sent to the recipient, but no additional action has been taken.


Started: The client has received the email and clicked on the link to get started with the CertifID process.


Expired: The request was not viewed within 60 days by the client.


Failed: The client did not pass one of the three layers of security.

  1. two-factor authentication

  2. knowledge based authentication questions,

  3. Device verification.


Rejected: The client has rejected the account information that was sent through a CertifID confirm request.


CertifID: The client has successfully completed one of the three request types.

  1. Send: the client received your wiring instructions successfully and had the option to purchase additional protection through the money protection plan.

  2. Confirm: the client has confirmed the account information you sent and you are now safe to disburse funds to that account.

  3. Collect: the client has submitted their account information and you can safely use this account information to disburse funds.


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