How to use CertifID with ResWare Integration

Link your ResWare file directly in CertifID

Before you can use the CertifID and ResWare integration an administrator must set up this connection using this ResWare job aide.  

After you have set up your file in ResWare and have added the buyer and seller contacts, you can log into CertifID and link the file using the file number. 

You'll notice that when you prepare to submit a New Request in CertifID there is a new file linking field above the form. We'll use a request being sent to a Buyer as an example.

After linking the file number you will be provided a drop-down of recipients to choose from.  When you select the recipient the integration will populate the email, phone number, reference, and description fields.

Note: All of the fields are editable. If any of the information needs to be updated before sending the request you can do this directly in CertifID. 

Once the recipient has responded to the request, CertifID will send the PDF Certificate to ResWare automatically in minutes for review or download. 


Thanks for reading, and please contact with any additional questions!