How do I set up my AIM+ Integration with CertifID?

Within the AIM+ application, click on Setup


From Setup, click Wire Confirmation Setup. The Wire Confirmation Setup screen will display.



Click on the Add Account button and the Wire Confirmation Account Setup will display.



At the Wire Confirmation Account Setup pop-up, use the CertifID User drop-down list to locate users who have consent.


For a new user, click the Get Consent button for this user for the AIM+ and CertifID communication. The CertifID screen will display in your default browser. Provide your CertifID email and password.



The Authorize App screen will display. On this screen, click Accept.


A confirmation screen will show that the new CertifID account is set up and verified for use with AIM+. Close the web browser window or Logout and then close and return to the AIM+ Wire Confirmation Setup screen.

At the Wire Confirmation Account Setup pop-up, screen click Refresh. The list of all Available AIM+ users will be updated.


Click on the CertifID User drop-down and select the user. Under Available AIM+ Users, use the arrow buttons to add one or multiple AIM+ Users so that they can access these Wire Confirmation features in AIM+ Disbursements using the CertifID account that you selected.



Click on Save & Exit. The verified users will be added to the Wire Confirmation Setup display in the grid of the Wire Confirmation Setup screen and will have the ability to use the CertifID Wire Confirmation features in AIM+ Disbursements.



Thanks for reading, and please contact with any additional questions!