How do I connect CertifID to RamQuest?

Use Closing Market Manager to connect to CertifID with a Trading Partner Request

If you do not yet have a CertifID account and are interested in learning more about our solution, please click here

Once you've got your CertifID account up and running you'll want to have one of your CertifID Admins who also has access to RamQuest Closing Market Administration execute the following steps.

  1. Go to Closing Market, go to The Market and search for CertifID as a Service Provider, and request a Trading Partner Agreement. We'll receive the inquiry and reply with an email containing your Trading Partner ID#.
  2. Next, you'll go back to Closing Market, click on Our Enterprise, click on Enterprise Services, and grab your Service ID# marked below in red.

3. Finally, head over and sign in to CertifID, go to your Integrations page, and click Connect RamQuest. Enter the Trading Partner ID# provided via email and the Enterprise Service ID# from above into the fields and click Submit.


Now you're ready to connect your files in RamQuest via Closing Market! If you'd like to see how that looks click here.

Thanks for reading, and please contact with any additional questions!