How do I cancel an existing request?

The steps in order to change the status for a request from opened to cancelled.

You will have to be logged onto the CertifID dashboard located at and locate the request in question. The request must be in 'Sent' or 'Started' status and must have been sent by you in order to be cancelled. 

Once you have located the request, look at the right hand side of the screen for three dots. Click the three dots and then click the 'Cancel' button. 

After clicking on cancel this will render the existing email link to be not function and give the user an error when attempted to be used.

Another important aspect of canceling duplicate or otherwise unneeded requests will cease all email reminders that a client would normally receive when a request is not being fulfilled within certain time frames. 

Once a request is canceled, you will be unable to reactivate the request and a duplicate or new request will have to be sent.



Thanks for reading, and please contact with any additional questions!