If you do not yet have a CertifID account and are interested in learning more about our solution please click here.

Once you're up and running with CertifID you'll want to have your ResWare Admin go through our ResWare Job Aid provided by Adeptive here

Once you've completed the ResWare Job Aid, Here's how it works!

After you have set up your file in ResWare and have added the buyer and seller contacts, you may log into CertifID and link the file using the file number. 

Note: Buyer and Seller info is not required to connect the file in CertifID. Any file that is created after setting up the Job Aid should have the CertifID partner added and be authorized to link to CertifID.

You'll notice that when you prepare to submit a New Request in CertifID there is a new file linking field above the form. We'll use a request being sent to a Buyer as an example.

After entering the file number and clicking the link you will be provided a drop-down of recipients which pulls in emails, phone numbers, and property address into the necessary fields. Reference Number will be populated by the file number. 

Note: All of the fields are editable if something is wrong or needs to be updated before sending the request. As long as you have linked the file the integration will send your documents back to ResWare when the recipient responds.

Once you verify all the information is correct you can send your request and wait for the response from the recipient. After the recipient has responded to the request, CertifID will send the appropriate response PDF to ResWare automatically in minutes for review or download. 

In this example, you can see 3 responses for the request in ResWare. In the event that a Seller rejects the request or the recipient fails identity verification CertifID will send a Rejected or ID Failed PDF as well for your records. 

We hope you find this article helpful! If you have further questions or you are not sure how to proceed feel free to hit the Help button in the bottom right of the screen or reach out to support@certifid.com.

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