If you do not yet have a CertifID account and are interested in learning more about our solution please click here.

Once you're up and running with CertifID as a trading partner in RamQuest you will have access to our Closing Market solution. If you have not yet connected to CertifID as a trading partner please see our help article on how to get started here

Here's how it works!

After you have set up your file and have added the buyer and seller contacts, you will be able to launch closing market and submit a call to CertifID. 

Note: CertifID validates people, not companies, so make sure the contact info has a person's email, phone, and legal name.

After submitting a call to CertifID you will be provided an option to "Confirm" someone else's account information (i.e. a seller) or to "Send" your company's wiring information (i.e. a buyer) from the file.

After selecting this option, you'll receive a link to proceed to CertifID.

Clicking the link will launch a new browser within RamQuest which will redirect to CertifID.

After signing in to CertifID your RamQuest file will be automatically linked. Your next step is to select the appropriate contact from the file to populate the Request form.

As you can see in the example above buyer Johnny Doe was selected. All that is left to do is select the escrow account you'd like to send wiring instructions. 

Once the recipient receives the request and responds to it, CertifID will send a copy of a PDF with their response to the File Scan Unassigned folder for the file that was linked to the request.

Here is a quick video of sending company information to a buyer.

We hope you find this article helpful! If you have further questions or you are not sure how to proceed feel free to hit the Help button in the bottom right of the screen or reach out to support@certifid.com.

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