There are three different user types on CertifID.

End User

An End User is anyone receiving a request (typically a buyer or seller) that doesn’t have an enterprise account. They are confirming their wiring information or receiving wiring details from an enterprise. End Users identities are verified but are not required to create an account (i.e., end user receives a request via email, goes through the identity verification process and confirms that the wiring instructions are accurate and funds can be transferred). 

Enterprise User

Once an Enterprise has been verified for a CertifID account, the Enterprise Administrator will invite Enterprise Users to the platform. Enterprise Users can send their company’s wiring details (typically to a seller) or confirm wiring details (typically of a buyer) of any/all parties in a transaction. An Enterprise can have as many Enterprise Users as needed.

Enterprise Administrator

Once an Enterprise has been verified for a CertifID account, an Enterprise Administrator will be assigned. In addition to the capabilities of an Enterprise User, the Enterprise Administrator can invite Enterprise Users, input company wiring information, update payment/billing details, change user details (i.e., phone numbers), view all Enterprise User’s account statuses, and see all enterprise requests. It is recommended that every Enterprise has two Enterprise Administrators, although there are no restrictions on the number of Enterprise Administrators that can be assigned to an Enterprise.

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