CertifID empowers any two parties to safely and securely exchange wiring instructions. Once you have an active account, begin sending requests to anyone involved in sending, receiving or changing wiring instructions in a transaction. CertifID ensures the authenticity of transaction-related communications by overlapping four proven processes:

  • Digital Verification: We ensure each user is connecting through trusted devices that they own or use on a regular basis by harnessing billions of digital records and metadata associated at the device level.
  • Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA): We’ve created a series of customized “out of wallet” questions that only the authorized individual could know or answer—even if their personal information has been compromised.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): We require a unique one-time code that users must provide from a device that has been validated via text, call or Google Authenticator.
  • Bank Account Certification: We confirm and display the institution routing information and allow the account holder to verify his/her bank credentials before funds are transferred.

Here is a quick explainer video that shows you additional details about how CertifID works:

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